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The relationship of bearings clearance and rotation flexibility

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  The relationship of Bearing clearance and rotation flexibility The relationship between the bearing clearance and rotation flexibility, the entire bearing radial clearance measurement is not easy, measuring force the ring and rolling element and their contacts at the elastic deformation, the deformation is due to a measurement error. measuring force, the contact state and the position of the rolling element. Generally in a horizontal position, the bearing rotation flexibility checks usually will be a fixed inner ring (or hand-held inner) Rotate the outer ring, check the bearing rotation whether abnormal noise and block phenomenon. Generally speaking, the long duration of bearing rotation, slow to stop, like flexibility. On the contrary, the rotation time is short, stop suddenly, flexibility is not good. Bearing structure type and size, rotation flexibility should also have different requirements. For example, single row radial ball bearings, single row angular contact ball bearings, the small contact area between the rolling element and the ferrule, the rotation of these bearings is more brisk, double row spherical bearings and thrust roller bearings, due to rolling larger contact area of the body and the raceway, the weight of the outer ring is smaller, check the rotation flexibility, plus a certain load, but of its light and not as single row radial ball bearings. Large bearings, rotate, there should be no stuck phenomenon, generally not on the rotating sound check.

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