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Bearings Installation

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  Bearings installation Bearing installation well or not will affect the accuracy, bearing life and performance. , The installation of the bearing, in accordance with the operating standards include the following items, including the bearing installation. A cleaning bearings and related parts Greased bearings and both a seal or dust cover, seals bearing installation without washing. Second, check the size of the parts and finishing Third, the installation method Bearings shall be installed according to the nature of the bearing structure, size, and bearing components with pressure should be added to the tight fit of the ferrule end surface, shall not be passed through the rolling pressure, bearing installation generally use the following method: a. press-fit So that the bearing inner ring and shaft tight with the outer ring and the bearing hole is loose with the available presses will be bearing the first pressure mounted on the shaft, then the axis together with press-fit bearings with load bearing hole, the side surface of the bearing inner ring, a soft metal material of the pad assembly casing (copper or mild steel), the assembly casing diameter should be slightly larger than the journal diameter, outside diameter diameter slightly smaller than the bearing inner ring ribs, so as not to pressure in the cage. The bearing outer ring and the bearing hole is a tight fit, the inner ring and the shaft is loose with the bearing first pressed into the bearing hole, this time the assembly casing outside diameter should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the bore. If the bearing ring and shaft and housing bore are a tight fit to install the indoor ring and outer ring to be pressed into the shaft and housing bore, the assembly structure of the casing should be able to charge tight end face of the bearing inner and outer rings. b heating with By heating bearings or bearing, the use of thermal expansion will be a tight fit to change the installation method for a loose fit. Is a common and labor-saving method of installation. This method is suitable for large amount of interference the installation of bearings, bearing or separable bearing rings into the tank before the hot charging uniform heating 80-100 ℃, and then removed from the oil onto the shaft as soon as possible, in order to to prevent the inner face after cooling and shaft shoulder fit is not tight, bearing cooling, the axial fastening. Tight fit of the bearing outer ring and light metal bearing heating bearing thermal loading can be avoided with the surface by abrasion. Tank heating bearings, in a certain distance should be the network gate, from the bottom or hanging on a hook bearing, bearing can not be put on the bottom prevent Shen impurities into the bearing or uneven heating tank must have a thermometer, strict control of the oil temperature must not exceed 100 ° C, to prevent tempering effect, reduce the hardness of the rings. c tapered bore bearing installation Tapered bore bearings can be mounted directly on the taper of the journal, or load adapter sleeves and withdrawal sleeves on the cone, with the tightness of the available bearing radial clearance reduction is measured, therefore, before installation measurement of the radial bearing clearance, clearance installation process should be measured regularly in order to achieve the clearance needed to reduce the amount so far, generally used when installing the locknut, may also have heating installed. d thrust bearing installation Well with the axis with the general thrust bearings for the transition with the seat and the bearing hole with general clearance fit, this bearing is easier to install, two-way thrust bearing axis Springs should be fixed on the shaft to prevent relative in the axis of rotation. Bearing installation, under normal circumstances is the axis of rotation of the majority, the inner ring and the shaft with the win too with the bearing outer ring and bearing room with clearance fit. 4, bearing installation check Fifth, add lubricant Installation of high-speed precision angular contact ball bearings High-speed angular contact ball bearings, mainly for the load lighter, high-speed rotating occasions, requiring bearing high-precision, high speed, low temperature rise low vibration and the life of. Often for high-speed electric spindle bearing installed in pairs, the key component parts of the inner surface of the grinding machine of high speed electric spindle.

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