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Measure to temperature rasing of deep groove ball bearings

Date:2006-06-09 09:55

Excessive response to the high temperature rasing of deep groove ball bearings In general, if the proper use of deep groove ball bearings, you can use to its maximum life so far. Such as incorrect use will have an unexpected premature damage. This fatigue life is relatively early damage, which we call the quality limits of breakdown or accident. More due to the installation, the use of lubrication on the non-standard or foreign body from external invasion. Damage state, such as deep groove ball bearings: bearing rings, ribs card injury, mainly due to lack of lubricant and is not suitable for row oil structure defects, the intrusion of foreign bodies, bearing mounting error and shaft deflection too large, or the above reasons have. Therefore, only investigated the damage, it is difficult to know the real reason of the injury. However, if you know the use of machinery bearing conditions of use, the bearings around the structure, to understand the situation before and after the accident, combined with bearing damage state and the inspection of several reasons, we can prevent similar incidents from happening again. Deep groove ball bearing vibration damage to the bearings are very sensitive, such as spalling, indentation, rust, cracks, wear and tear and will be reflected in the rolling bearing vibration measurement, therefore, through the use of special bearing vibration measurement (frequency analyzer) measuring the size of the vibration frequency points can not infer the exception of the specific situation. The measured values ​​due to different conditions of use of the rolling bearing or sensor installation location, determine the criteria for judging prior to the measured value of each machine. The temperature of the deep groove ball bearings, general bearings outside the room temperature can be inferred from the hole can also be used to directly measure the temperature of the rolling bearing outer ring, the more accurate measurement. Typically, the temperature of rolling bearings with the bearing operation slowly began to rise after 1-2 hours to reach steady state. The normal temperature of the rolling bearing machine heat capacity, heat dissipation, speed and load. Lubrication, installation inappropriate, the bearing temperature will rise sharply, there will be high temperature, then have to stop running, check the disassembly repair. Conditional use heat sensors, at any time to monitor the temperature of rolling bearings, and automatic alarm when the temperature exceeds the specified value or stop functioning in order to prevent the burning shaft accident occurred.

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