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Daily check of roller bearings

Date:2006-03-11 09:55

Daily check of roller bearings
New content:Measuring the ambient temperature specified as 20 ° C and the method of import bearings network to put them in the same metal plate can achieve the necessary temperature balance with the fastest way. The temperature of the amount of block. standard parts and measuring instruments must be the same. Otherwise, it takes several hours or even days to achieve such a balance.
In order to get the correct measurement of cylindrical roller bearings results,abroad relies on the mechanization of measurements in order to avoid manpower contact with these objects, or oven mitts to operate.
When measuring Kia, Kea and Sia, Sea project, we need to impose the necessary measurements load with spherical bearings with housings, making rolling element and the ferrule in the normal contact position, in order to obtain stable measurement values​​.
As for aligning ball bearing inside diameter or outside diameter measurement, domestic regulations, measuring less than leave the rings the southern tip of the surface region of each one of the largest chamfer coordinates, bearing abroad more than the provisions of the left ring at both ends of the surface of the twice invertedangular coordinates of the area within the measurement.
Before use, use,after use often have to conduct a comprehensive routine inspection. This will not only ensure that the factory can manufacture qualified tapered roller bearings, and also allows many buyers to take preventive measures, greatly enhancing the safety factor. The check of Chinese bearing net is not to waste time, but escorting for your safe operation.
When measuring Kia.Kea and Sd projects,such as the bearing type of conical bore, cylindrical bore, with provisions 1/5000-l/10INA bearing 000 taper spindle taper in principle, The provisions of the basic taper spindle taper is 1/12.
Allowed the measurement error
Provisions of measurement load
In order to reduce the measurement error, the pressure of the meter - measuring force must be reduced in the range of possible and the radius of curvature of the probe must be increased.
In principle, the amount of error the measurement of FAG bearing is less than 10% of the tolerance allowed.
Provisions of the size of the benchmark
Conventional rolling mill bearing fixed measurement area
The provisions of the measuring instruments
The instrument used in the measurement  must be calibrated, with the measured precision and magnification ratio as SKF bearings.
The provisions of the measurement datum
Full roller bearing temperature measurements
The radius of the probe and measuring the pressure of the table
For generally rolling, measuring linear motion bearings takes the collar of print end for datum. for angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings take one-way bearing face withstanding the thrust load as datum.
In the comparative measurements the measurement of the dimensional tolerances, which amount must comply with the provisions of the turntable bearing standard JB/T1078 gauge blocks "to provide the amount of block or standard as the basis of comparative measurement of the size of the angular contact ball bearings standard must comply withthe regulations of the department in charge of factory.
When measuring the bearing inner and outer diameters of special bearings, measuring force and probe radius of curvature can refer selected.

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