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The SKF Group is the successful integration of SNFA and included in the SKF brand.

Date:2006-01-10 09:57

    SKF recently announced the completion of the famous French bearing manufacturer Société Nouvelle de Fabrication Aéronautique (SNFA), and SNFA brand combined into the SKF brand. SKF precision bearings for machine tools and high-performance car, shipbuilding and heavy industry for precision performance, quiet operation and low friction rotation equipment or operating conditions require a higher.

    President of SKF industrial market strategic industries (Henrik Lange) says: “ Over the past five years, we have integrated SKF Super Precision Bearings and technical knowledge and SNFA in the machine tool applications wealth of knowledge.On this basis, we are able to provide customers with more quality, more abundant species of a new generation of super-precision bearings, to ensure that the run with higher accuracy and reliability of the spindle. ”
The SNFA SKF acquisition in 2006 hopes to combine their expertise and resources advantages, to provide a superior solution for the mechanical design projects in the market.Based on the two sides continue to integrate professional knowledge, and bearings, lubrication, seals, condition monitoring and other areas of the SKF team of experts, SKF will continue to be committed to developing innovative solutions and advanced modeling tools, and further expansion of the spindle service network.
Successful integration of the SNFA provide to the customer's packaging of ultra-precision bearings, and sales data, engineering solutions and services are unified under the SKF brand.

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