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Ball Bearing
Introduced for all industries to contribute to the standard ball bearings.
Roller Bearing
In this introduction to contribute for all industry standard roller bearings.
Bearing Accessories
Bearings and bearing components of the product.
Precision Bearing
On precision bearings, NSK has been starting from a wide range of propulsion research and development holding support to meet the needs of a variety of manufacturing equipment for machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, industrial robots and other production equipment.
Mining machinery, engineering machinery bearings
The NSK such even in the harsh conditions of the mining, construction site can be achieved solid bearing for long life, the product range is very rich.
Special conditions bearing SPACEA ™;; series
NSK special conditions the bearing SPACEATM series designed for the vacuum, corrosion, clean, high temperature, non-magnetic, dust, and these complex conditions.
Automotive-related products
NSK provides not only a variety of bearing products, has been providing automatic transmission parts, steering column coupling junction and the turn of the 21st century SBW technology-related EPS (electric power steering system)
Precision machinery products
Such products include not only locate the ball screw and linear guide also includes a direct-acting actuators and rotary actuation device (direct drive motor) and other cutting-edge products.

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